The National Olympic Committee Bosnia and Herzegovina (OC BiH) was founded on June 4th 1992. After the founding and the appearance of sportsmen and sportswomen of our country in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, we received an official recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which made its decision at the session of the Executive Committee in Monaco, on September 24th 1993.

After the establishment and after the international recognition, OC BiH was registered December 8th 2002 into the Ministry of Justice's registry as the primary sports organization, in which National sports federations are joined. With the registration, as well as with the signing of the Lausanne Declaration on Doping in Sport on June 28th 1999, OC BiH was constituted as a Paramount sports body in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

OC BiH, as a member of the International Olympic Committee, is required to respect the rules of the Olympic Charter, IOC Statues, IOC Code of Ethics, World Anti-Doping Code, Law on Associations and Foundations of BiH and Law on sport of BiH.

Our organization is currently involved in the implementation of two Erasmus+ Sport projects: ‘’How to Lead a Sport Club to a Successful Future – SportGO’’ and ‘’Athletes Learning Entrepreneurship – a New Type of Dual Career Approach – AtLETyC’’, in which frame we are collaborating with some of the partners involve in this new application.


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