…Looking for the integration of elite athletes into the labour market through the valorization of their transversal competences…

Elit-in project starts off from the acknowledgement of a fact that affects very negatively to most of the elite athletes at international levels, which is, due to their exclusive dedication to sports and the early abandonment of formal education, once they have finished their sport career they realize how difficult is to find a job with the education received and accredited.

However, in order to achieve high performance, the athletes have acquired numerous skills through their informal learning process which are very useful and high valued in the labour market, such as teamwork, motivation, self-control or work under pressure among others.

In this way ELIT-in project will be framed in the specific objective of the promotion of dual careers of athletes, being its main aim to work, through an innovative approach, for the recognition of transversal competences acquired by high performance athletes and to put them in value as a differential factor. Also, creating and implementing a training package of other necessary skills in order to increase successful chances to find a job.

ELIT-in Project will be carried out by twelve partners and organizations from eight different countries and will be co-financed by the Educational, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in 2017 _ERASMUS+ SPORT Program.

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